To be successful in the Future, you must first be successful today
optimizing today’s technology.

Audit for the Future

Is your website positioned to create the optimal number of people to take the next step?

  • Take advantage of our free web audit to find out
  • It’s free, see how you can improve
  • Make sure you are not at risk of ADA non-compliance lawsuit
  • Check to see your website is compatible with all devices
  • Check speed of website
  • Check for security flaws
  • Check for SEO issues

Are you bringing in the most people to your site?

There are more than 2.4 million searches happening through the search engine every minute looking to get information to make their next purchase.

We can narrow that down to your local area and specific business category.

Are you bringing your share of those people to your website?

Creating Value

We have done it dozens of times

We can help you create and implement growth opportunities to create a better future.

One good idea properly implemented can be worth Millions of dollars

We will increase your business by at least 30% in the first year.

The only thing that is constant is CHANGE!

Let us help you explore high value markets with our valuable data

  • Newmovers into your market
  • People celebrating Birthdays
  • High end households doing renovations
  • Households with pets
  • Age and income demographics

WE can do nothing and be a Victim or Anticipate and embrace change.

Let is help you take advantage of changes in technology to

  • Expand
  • Diversify
  • Ad relevant products or services
  • Grow
  • Create partnerships
  • And identify other ways to Pivot your business

Our History of Successful Pivots

Working on my degree, Pivoting from one major to another.
Government to Sociology to Finance at the University of Virginia Played Lacrosse. Worked for Sports information.

In-home door-to-door sales with American Home products
Learned selling from Zig Zigler pre Xerox, IBM days.

Building a sales team in direct sales. Battlefield Promotion
Pivoted into coaching. Mentored David Sandler Selling.

B2B sales at National Merchandising.
Zero-to-multi million sales organization Developed the Company’s fastest growing organization Selected to Manage the National Sales training program Trained 50 people at a time for one week four times a year.

Co-owner of Professional Marketing. Zero-to-multi million in sales.
Established Mid Atlantic Distribution and sales team. Generated more $$ in ad sales than Rand McNally did Nationwide

Founder of Landmarks Marketing-In-room hotel publication.
$20M in sales from 1988 to 2008. Expanded into 12 Cities. Was offered $1 Million in 2005. 

Organizational development in-network marketing.5,000 distributors.
5,000 distributors. Recruited and trained

Annapolis Visitor Channel
Complemented Current with technology to feature in room Tourism Video

Owner of $Million+ Direct mail Franchise.
Leveraged purchase. Owned for 5 Years. Solid for $$$

Landmarks Great Deals.
Response to Groupon coming into the market. More than $1M in online sales.

Partnered with Exclusively to Generate 5 publications (2008)

Founder of Landmarks.Digital (2018)
100 clients spending $1,000 a month within two years 

Entering the Knowledge Business with Future Proof
Expanding into related products.

Conference Guest Speakers

Ron Szpatura

Ron Szpatura

Founder and Author

Principles of Pivoting

Steven Meyer

Steven Meyer

Retired Business Owner

Smart Office

Mahi Reddy

Mahi Reddy


Built SemaConnect

Gerry Hartung

Gerry Hartung

Retired Business Owner


Brian Carruthers

Brian Carruthers

Network Marketer Multi-Millionaire



10 Simple Steps To Pivot From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

by Ron Szpatura

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